Objectives of research being undertaken:

To undertake and promote basic and clinical research in pediatrics.
To promote, develop and improve scientific exchange of knowledge as well as technical cooperation with institutions of excellence
To solicit research grants from national and international agencies
To award grants, scholarships, fellowships to exchange advancement of research.
To publish the research findings in high impact national and international scientific journals.
To conduct and participate in training programs for up gradation of skills and knowledge.
To be a centre of research par excellence in paediatric healthcare to enable good health and a better life for children.

Completed Projects (2017-18)


This Project was started in August  2015.  During this period, we have treated 13 children with poor economic background who were suffering from various forms of solid tumour such as Hodgkins Lymphoma, Brain Tumour, Wilms Tumour….etc.
Of the 13 children, 9 of them underwent only Chemotherapy, while 2 children underwent both Chemotherapy and Surgery.  The balance 2 children underwent chemotherapy, surgery and Radiotherapy.
Twelve of the 13 children have responded positively to the treatment given by us and survived, while, only one child expired.  Therefore, the rate of survival is 92.30%.
Total Funding– Rs. 20 lakhs granted by HDFC Asset Management Company.


This Project was started during June 2016.   During the Project period, we have treated 9 poor children who have been suffering from various types of Burns such as Scalds Burns, Flame Burns, Oil Burns, Burns of the Tongue and High Tension Electric Burns.  Majority of the children underwent collagen application, removal and skin grafting treatment, while few of them underwent only skin grafting. All the children have positively responded to the treatment and have successfully survived.
Total Funding– Rs. 10 lakhs granted by HDFC Asset Management Company during June 2016.


The pilot Study was started in July 2016 screening 105 poor children in the rural areas adjoining the city of Chennai. The data on the above children comprising of height, weight, head circumference, dietary pattern, life style and other physical parameters were submitted to a Nutritionist for expert opinion.  Based on the recommendation of the Nutritionist, it was decided to go in for biological samples for analyzing various micro nutrients in the blood.  Accordingly, the major Study was started in February 2017 at the Kanchi Kamakoti CHILDS Trust Hospital and we have screened 68 patients on whom lab investigations are carried out for Iron, Feritine, CBC, Zinc and Vitamin D level assessment. We counselled all the patients for nutritional awareness.
Total Funding– Rs. 10 lakhs granted by HDFC Asset Management Company.

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