Research Laboratory


Medical research requires high end laboratory equipped with state of the art equipment.
The overall goal is to establish a state-of- art Research Laboratory facility as part of CTMRF.
The facility will provide pediatric focused research, diagnostic, teaching and training.

A Research Laboratory as part of the CHILDS Trust Medical Research Foundation (CTMRF) has been a long cherished dream. A proposal to set up the laboratory was developed and submitted during August 2017 to the Trustees of CTMRF and approval obtained.

The research laboratory was realized thanks to the generous support extended by the Cholamandalam group who donated an amount of Rs one crore towards the establishment of this facility at KKCTH. The 300 square foot facility is housed in the basement of main hospital building. The entire project was executed by Siemens Healthcare during the period June 2018 to December 2018 and has been built in accordance with national and international guidelines. The laboratory was assessed for all parameters and became fully functional from January 2019. This research laboratory is a first of its kind in India – a paediatric speciality, not-for-profit tertiary care centre with its own in house research laboratory.

The laboratory has a fully automated Siemens versant kPCR platform supported by ancillary equipment. The facility will provide paediatric-focused research, diagnostics, teaching and training. Deliverables will include successful initiation of research and diagnostics programs in a phased manner, research training programmes, conference presentations, high-impact publications (national and international) and the establishment of doctoral (Ph.D) research programmes. Currently the laboratory work is handled by a well experienced molecular virologist and a laboratory research associate.

Two studies have been initiated at the Research Laboratory, the first is to study respiratory infections in children with cancer (funded by HDFC AMC)  and the second is determination of Dengue infections in Children (CTMRF intramural research fund). Two more studies are in the pipeline and will be initiated in the next couple of months.

Equipment in the Research Laboratory

List of equipment:

S.No Equipment Description Brand Quantity
1 Versant kPCR sample Prep system Siemens 1
2 kPCR AMP/DETECT QS5 DX (Thermocycler) Siemens 1
3 Horizontal Laminar Air Flow ESCO/Labtop 1
4 Bio Safety Cabinet Class-II ESCO 1
5 Deep Freezer (-20°C) Celfrost 1
6 Deep Freezer (-80°C) 1
7 Refrigerator Samsung 1
8 Vortex Mixer 1
9 Micro centrifuge 1
10 Dry Heating block 1
11 Pipette set Quantity (2)- 0.5-10µl, 10-100 µl, 200-1000 µl Eppendorf 2 sets
12 Digital timer 1

Functions of the Research Laboratory.

Research and Developed
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Promote ongoing research studies at the institute indicate newer clinic- laboratory studies pediatric focused research 
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  1. Develop novel approaches for diagnosis of pediatric infectious diseases
  2. Tie up with existing medical diagnostics industry to validate newer approaches.
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Solicit funds from national and international funding agencies.

Clinical trials with Pharmaceutical companies.

Over all goal is to attain financial self sufficiency in funding to be achieved at the end of three years
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Teaching and Diagnostics
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  1. Fellows and DNB-KKCTH
  2. Short term Msc and Btech project student.
  3. PhD program
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  1. Introduce newer tests-KKCTH.
  2. Set up test which are currently out sourced
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Disease Surveillance 
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Retrospective Laboratory based
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Prospective field based
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Identify disease in the backdrop of local and regional needs.

To study the prevailing health practices and observations.

To recommend type, size of surveillance unit

To initiate policy to practice.
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VERSANT kPCR Sample Prep

Salient features

The VERSANT® kPCR Sample Prep allows to consolidate nucleic acid extractions on one bench-top platform. The fully automated universal extraction technology isolates and purifies both DNA and RNA from diverse clinical samples using a single set of reagents, reducing  inventory and maximizing lab efficiency. This one of the first installations of this system in a academic institution in India.

VERSANT kPCR Molecular System

Salient features

Employing proprietary extraction technology that supports multiple sample types, VERSANT® kPCR Molecular System* delivers accurate, reliable results with maximum productivity. System flexibility in combination with an expanding menu will support quantitative and qualitative detection across many molecular diagnostic applications.

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