Overall supervision of the teaching Programme of the institution which focuses on the DNB course conducted in the K.K.C.T.H. under the auspices of National Board of Examination, New Delhi. The latter is the autonomous regulatory authority of the Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, which conducts post graduate course in broad specialities and super specialities.This diploma is considered equal to the post graduate degrees of M.D and M.S of the Medical Council. This institution started with a single seat for the DNB courses of India and has the unique distinction of having 10 seats, which is the largest number at the all India level given to a single hospital. The facilities and infrastructure provided by the hospital for the teaching programme are monitored by the foundation. Internal assessment books are scrutinized by the chair person every month, and if students get adverse remarks, they are counselled by the chairperson.

It is highly commendable that on five occasions candidates stood first in the final DNB examination and secured the gold medals. Pediatric Surgery has one seat for the diploma course, which was for five years, and candidates after MBBS degree could join this course which has been abolished now but candidates who have completed the post-graduation with M.S or DNB in general surgery can undertake this course for a period of 3 years now and take the examination. One candidate who stood first in the all Indiaexamination received the gold medal for that year in Pediatric surgery.

The foundation in addition, conducts CME programs, workshops, OSCE training programme and guest lectures.

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