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The participants in research are allowed to publish in reputed, indexed national and international journals. Once published, a citation index is also made on the article.

Research awards

This institution was recognized by the Tamilnadu Dr.M.G.R University in 1996 for training post graduate students in the speciality of PAEDITRICS AND PEDIATRIC SURGERY for the award of Phd degree to be given by the said University. The duration of the course was fixed as minimum of three years and on a full time basis. The consultants who work in the hospital are permitted to continue working while researching for the degree. Four candidates have completed Phd in Pediatrics & Pediatric surgery and one completed DSc, so far from KKCTH.

Other Awards

Recognition is always given by the foundation for those who get Oration awards in the national professional societies Best paper awards in conferences and National and international awards By the professional societies, and Govt of India.

Invited speakers, visiting professorship and guest speakers ;
A note is made on all these academic activities of the consultants in this direction. This is delivered by a luminary who has earned a name in the field of Pediatrics or Pediatric surgery. Two hundred to three hundred delegates would register and the souvenir brought out is sent to the DST each year because it contains the articles of all the speakers. And if they have been invited, we request them to give a copy of the letter for filling in their c.v.


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