Commitment of the Foundation to DNB Course

When DNB course was started there was a mandate by the National Board of Examination to give 30% free service to sick children, and only if this is complied with, the institution shall be recognized for teaching. Secondly another additional mandate now to be adopted is to have a separate accounting, Office and clerical staff for this purpose. The national board of examination which is directly under the ministry of health and family welfare department of the Government of India has the privilege to send inspectors for surprise checks. Our institution which has 10 DNB students in Pediatrics and one candidate in Pediatric surgery is also subject to this ruling.

There is a recent communication of the National Board of Examination which clearly defines another obligation-all the patients who are treated free must have beds labelled (DNB STUDENT BED) so that at the time of inspection, we can show that free treatment is going on. The foundation provides for these patients through donations that grant access to lab facilities, instruments and so on. This in turn requires exemption certificates from depts. of science and technology and the income tax department to give the donors.

This 100% exemption certificate given to donors is a continued practice and needs to be validated every three years.

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