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New courses (to be started)

  • Request for DNB in Pediatric Critical Care medicine
  • Fellowship programme of DNB in pediatric anesthesia, developmental Pediatrics, Pediatric neurology and Pediatric Pulmonology.
  • Video conferencing: PICU of KKCTH with children’s Hospital of Los Angles is already arranged. This kind of program can be arranged for many other disciplines like oncology, hematology and nephrology. The conferencing will be attended by all the doctors, PG’s and nurses. This can be arranged in a large place.
  • Diploma or fellowship course in advanced pediatric nursing to be started as part of the KKCTH / CTMRF for a period of 12 months. A certificate can be given by the hospital.
  • Additional space required for library and large conference hall with seating capacity of 300 – 350 people.
  • Additional staff required for teaching programmes that are going to be started.